Adding Custom Tags to Markdown Plugin


In this article I'll be tinkering with one of Movable Types default plugins, John Gruber's Markdown, which is one of the text formatting choices available when working in the Entry Editor.

The brilliance of Markdown comes from it's powerful translations, combined with it's utter ease of use. Granted, it's not your typical WYSIWYG and did pose a slight comfort curve (the time and effort it takes to adjust to a new way of editing; for me at least!), but after writing only three articles with it I'm hooked! more ...

Leopard and Kubuntu on a MacBook Pro


Thanks to a fun personality quirk of mine I find myself re-imaging my MacBook Pro on a regular basis, so I figured documenting the process would be a brilliant idea. The goal is actually twofold: to streamline the process for myself and to provide a baseline for folks attempting to re-create any of my experiments on their own MBPs.

The directions which follow apply to my dual boot MacBook Pro, your mileage may vary... more ...